The Wax Bar


Excellent Brow Service

Get your brows done by the best, most experienced Licensed Technician in the Lima area and surrounding cities.

Brow, Brow Tinting, Lashes

Brow Hair Removal                                            $12

Brow Tinting                                                        $15

Individual Lash Application                             $23

Brow and Tint                                              2 for  $20

Beautiful Eye Trio                                       3 for $45

Facial Hair Removal Services

Eyebrow                                           $12

Lip                                                      $6

Chin                                                    $6

Lip & Chin                                        $12

Facial wax (lip, chin, cheeks)          $30


Body Hair Removal Services

Half Arm                                                $25

Full Arm                                                $40

Underarms                                           $20

Stomach                                               $10

Lower Back                                          $18

Full Back                                               $50

Half Legs                                              $55

Full Leg                                                 $75

Bikini & Brazilian Hair Removal Services

Bikini                                                     $35

Sexy Bikini                                           $50

Brazilian                                               $55


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