massage therapy

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The stress of everyday life is not only felt in our mind, but in our bodies as well. Allow one of our experienced professionals to release stress and tension from your body through a restorative full body massage. Your skin and soul will be left feeling wonderfully renewed and in a state of well being.



Swedish Relaxation Massage

This massage will help soothe sore achy muscles, relieve tension, reduce stress, increase circulation and promote relaxation. This technique is customized to your needs and can be light, medium, or strong in pressure. At your request, for the sole purpose of relaxation, this service can be performed by a licensed esthetician who has advanced training in relaxation massage. 

30 min. $45

50 min.  $60

80 min.  $80

*Enhance your experience by adding one of these customized treatments to you massage

-Full Body Signature Sugar Scrub for just $50

– Hot Stone for a deeper relaxation and ease tension in muscles just   $15images (41)

– Your choice of a special blend of aromatherapy to your service for a deeper relaxation and spa experience. $5

– Detox Moor Mud back treatment for sore muscles and arthritis pain. $50


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is area specific, combining deep tissue for muscle tension and chronic pain with the Swedish technique for relaxation. This massage will aid in a thorough reduction of pain and discomfort often created by repetitive movement and stress.

60 min.  $75

80 min.  $90


Stone Massage

An ancient treatment that combines the benefits of heated lava stones with traditional Swedish Massage. Aromatherapy oils and lava stones are used to warm the muscles and joints, which allows for deeper relaxation and well-being.

60 min. $75Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

80 min.  $95


Couple’s Massage

Choose from any one of our many therapeutic and relaxing massages and share the benefits with a companion. Our spacious couples massage room features two massage therapist to simultaneously massage you and your companion. Share the experience of calming your mind and body with your companion.images (23)

50 min.  $120


Pregnancy Massage

 Beneficial to both mother and child, this treatment calms the nervous system and provides relaxation for the mother-to-be. This gentle massage helps to reduce neck and back pain, relieve stress on weight bearing joints, promote circulation and relieve edema.

50 min.  $60

Specialty Massagesdownload (12)

Signature Lotus Glow Massage    80 min $95

Cranial Sacral            60 min $70

Thai Yoga                    60 min $75     80 min  $95

Shirodarah                 120 min $195

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